1.   Introduction

1.1.  The data required for calculating the route charges for flights operating into, from or across BUDAPEST FIR are derived from the information contained in the Flight Plan (FPL, RPL) and are sent to the EURCONTROL Agency which has been entrusted with the collection of the route charges.
1.2.  Airspace users are requested to note that the ICAO instructions on the completion of flight plan forms (as given in Appendix 2 of ICAO DOC 4444-ATM/501 and supplemented by Part ENR 1.10 of AIP Hungary) shall be adhered to in order to avoid errors in calculating the charges and penalizing the users themselves.

2.   Principles

2.1.  For the use of the Hungarian airspace,
  1. en-route charge and
  2. terminal navigation charge shall be paid.
2.2.  The air navigation service charges, - except as provided in paragraph 3. - shall be paid to EUROCONTROL in EUR.
2.3.  Payment of air navigation service charges, by users registered in Hungary, may be made in national currency (HUF) also.

3.   Exemptions from payment of air navigation charges

  1. flights performed by aircraft of which the Maximum Take-Off Weight Authorised is less than two (2) metric tons;
  2. flights performed exclusively for the transport, on official mission, of the reigning Monarch and his/her immediate family, Heads of State, Heads of Government and Government Ministers. In all cases, this must be substantiated by the appropriate status indicator on the flight plan;
  3. search and rescue flights authorised by a competent SAR body;
  4. flights performed by military aircraft of the EURCONTROL member states;
  5. flights performed by military aircraft of a State, to which exemption from payment of charges is granted by Hungary, based on international bi- or multilateral agreement;
  6. flights performed exclusively for the purpose of checking or testing equipment used or intended to be used as ground aids to air navigation, excluding positioning flights by the aircraft concerned;
  7. flights terminating at the aerodrome from which the aircraft has taken off and during which no intermediate landing has been made (circular flights).

4.   En-route Charges

4.1.  The national regulations comprise the actual provisions for the collection of the charges as a Ministerial Order on application of the EURCONTROL Route Charges System and Conditions of Payment supplemented by the applicable unit rates.

5.   Conditions of Application of the EURCONTROL Route Charges System and Condition of Payment

5.1   Article 1

A charge shall be levied for each flight performed in accordance with the procedures laid down in application of the Standards and Recommended Practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization in the airspace falling under the responsibility of the Contracting States.

For conditions of route charges system and conditions of payment please see the following EUROCONTROL web page:

5.2   Article 2

For conditions of route charges calculation please see the following EUROCONTROL web page:

The distance to be taken into account shall be reduced by twenty (20) kilometres for each take-off from and for each landing on the territory of a Contracting State.

5.3   Article 3

The charge for a flight in the airspace of the Flight Information Regions falling within the competence of a given Contracting State (i) shall be calculated in accordance with the following formula:

ri = ti x Ni

where ri is the charge, ti the unit rate of charge and Ni the number of service units corresponding to such a flight. The unit rates may, where appropriate, be set separately for VFR and IFR flights.


The list of EUROCONTROL charging zones is published on EUROCONTROL website:

7.   Unit Rates Applicable from 01st January 2018 are Published on EUROCONTROL Website:

The rate of interest on late payment of route charges that shall enter into force on 01 JAN 2018 is 9.74% per annum.

8.   Terminal Navigation Charge

Terminal navigation charge shall be levied - with the exemptions listed in paragraph 3. - for each flight depart from Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport, and performed under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR flight) within Budapest FIR on the 20 km route portion, and / or performed within Budapest TMA and Budapest CTR.

8.1.  Exempted flights are listed in paragraph 3.
8.2.  The person liable to pay the terminal navigation charge, shall be the person who was the operator of the aircraft. If the identity of the operator is not known, the owner of the aircraft shall be regarded as the operator unless he proves which other person was the operator.
8.3.  The terminal navigation charge shall constitute remuneration for the costs incurred in respect of air navigation facilities and services provided in Budapest TMA and in Budapest CTR and the cost incurred by EUROCONTROL in operating the terminal navigation charge system.
8.4.  Terminal navigation charge shall be calculated in accordance with the following formula:

R = t x N

where R is the charge, t is the terminal navigation unit rate and N the number of service units corresponding to such a flight.

8.5.  The terminal navigation unit rate is published on the following EUROCONTROL website:
8.6.  For a given flight, the number of service units, designated by N, shall be the quotient, obtained by dividing by fifty (50) the number of metric tons in the highest maximum certificated take-off weight of the aircraft to the power of 0.7, shown by the formula below:

N = (MTOW / 50)^0.7

8.7.  The rules for condition of payment of the terminal navigation charge, the interest rate applied for the calculation of interest after late payment, are identical of those applicable to the en-route charges.
8.8.  The EURCONTROL is entrusted with the collection of terminal navigation charge and with the treatment of claims, according to a bilateral agreement concluded between EURCONTROL and the designated Hungarian air navigation service provider.