EUR Regional Supplementary Procedures are applied. Differences are shown below:

  1. Chapter 2.
    Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) of 300 M (1 000 FT)

    The airspace within Budapest FIR between FL 290 and FL 410 inclusive, as described in ENR 2.1, is EUR RVSM airspace.

  2. Chapter 3. paragraph 3.1
    Air-Ground Communications and In-Flight Reporting

    Usage of 8.33 KHZ channel spacing capability radio equipment is mandatory in airspaces within Budapest FIR where radio communication is required.

    Temporary exemption is granted for State aircraft from operating 8.33 KHZ channel spacing radio equipment in Budapest FIR on condition that such flights establish and maintain two way radio communication with the appropriate ATS Unit (Sector) on dedicated VHF frequency with 25 KHZ channel spacing or on UHF frequency (in the band 225.000 - 400.000 MHZ) as instructed by ATC.

    UHF coverage is provided above 10 000 FT AMSL within Budapest FIR.

    In addition to exempted state aircraft, exemption from the 8.33 KHZ channel spacing capable radio equipage requirement is granted for those flights operating for special missions listed below. These flights are required to include the following remark(s) in the filed 18 of the FPL:

    • STS/SAR
    • STS/HOSP
    • STS/FFR
  3. Chapter 11.

    Flight Information Service

    11.2. Transmission of SIGMET information

    11.2.1. SIGMET information passed to aircraft cover Budapest FIR only.

    11.4. Transmission of amended aerodrome forecast

    11.4.1. Amended aerodrome forecasts will be passed to aircraft only on pilots’ request.