1.   Responsible service

1.1.  The Aeronautical Information Service is provided in accordance with ICAO Annex 15, Doc 10066 PANS AIM, Doc 8126 – Aeronautical Information Services Manual and Regulation (EU) 2017/373 as regards requirements for air traffic management/air navigation services.

HungaroControl, Hungarian Air Navigation Services Private Limited Company
Aeronautical Information Service (AIS)


H-1675 Budapest PO Box 80 Hungary


H-1185 Budapest, Iglo utca 33-35. Hungary


International NOTAM Office (NOF)

Tel:(+361) 293-4354

Tel:(+361) 293-4471



Hours of Service:H24

Publications and Static Data Management Unit

Tel:(+361) 293-4459

Tel:(+361) 293-4144

Hours of Service: normal business hours.

2.   Area of responsibility

The AIS is responsible for the collection and dissemination of aeronautical information with regard the airspace and aerodromes available for civil air traffic within the territory of Hungary.

3.   Aeronautical publications

The aeronautical information is provided in the form of the Aeronautical Information Product which are:

  • Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP), including Amendments (AMDT) and Supplements (SUP);
  • AICs;
  • aeronautical charts;
  • NOTAM;
  • digital data sets.
3.1   AIP and related amendment service

AIP is the core document containing data and information of a lasting character, which are of operational significance for the safe conduct of air traffic. The AIP is kept up to date by means of an amendment service.

3.1.1   Electronic AIP (eAIP)

The Hungarian eAIP is based on the EUROCONTROL eAIP Specification and the ICAO AIP Specimen.

Amendments to the eAIP are published on HungaroControl’s AIS website:

3.2   NOTAM

NOTAM are distributed for Budapest FIR in four series identified by the letters A, B, M and S. NOF also distributes information for the KFOR sector in series K.

Series A - General rules and information on en-route navigation and communication facilities, airspace restrictions and reservations, information concerning aerodromes contained in AD 2 part of the Hungarian AIP.
Distribution: Nationally and internationally to all states which interchange NOTAM.

Series B - Information concerning the VFR aerodromes or VFR flight operations.
Distribution: On request.

Series K - Information issued for KFOR Sector. See AIP SUP 001/2020 KFOR Sector
Distribution: On request.

Series M - NOTAM concerning military aerodromes and military navaids.
Distribution: On request.

Series S - SNOWTAM comprises information concerning the presence or removal of hazardous conditions due snow, ice, slush, frost, standing water or water associated with snow, slush, ice or frost on the aerodrome pavement.

NOTAM and SNOWTAM are distributed via AFS.

3.3   Pre-flight Information Bulletin

Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB), that contain a recapitulation of current NOTAM and other information of an urgent nature for the operator/flight crews, are available at the Flight Data and Reporting Unit.


Tel:(+361) 293-4310 and (+361) 293-4312.

Hours of Service: H24.

Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB) are provided for all IFR and VFR flights departing from Budapest FIR. A PIB normally includes NOTAM messages and other information of an urgent nature not older than 15 days. On individual request, the time period can be extended.

3.4   Checklist and lists of valid NOTAM

A Checklist of valid NOTAM is issued monthly via AFS. The Summary of NOTAM is distributed by e-mail to all recipients of the eAIP. It contains a plain-language presentation of the valid NOTAM and information about the number of the latest issued AIP AMDT, AIP AIRAC AMDT, AIP SUP and AIC.

3.5   Sale of publications

Subscription to the AIS publication mailing list to receive notifications by e-mail with links to download all the published material (AIP AMDT, SUP, AIC and monthly NOTAM list) is free of charge. Subscription:

4.   AIRAC system

In order to control and regulate the flow of changes resulting in amendments to charts, route-manuals etc., such changes, whenever possible, will be issued on predetermined dates according to the AIRAC system. Whenever possible, this type of information will be published as an AIRAC AMDT.

When an AIP Amendment will not be published at the established interval or publication date, a NIL notification shall be originated and distributed by TRIGGER NOTAM.

AIRAC information will be issued so that the information should be received by the customer not later than 28 days before the effective date and for major changes not later than 56 days.

On publication date (42 days before the AIRAC effective date), a trigger NOTAM will be issued giving a brief description of the contents, effective date and reference number of the AIRAC AIP AMDT or AIRAC AIP SUP that will become effective on that date.

The table below indicates AIRAC effective dates for the coming years:

27 JAN 2226 JAN 2325 JAN 2423 JAN 25
24 FEB 2223 FEB 2322 FEB 2420 FEB 25
24 MAR 2223 MAR 2321 MAR 2420 MAR 25
21 APR 2220 APR 2318 APR 2417 APR 25
19 MAY 2218 MAY 2316 MAY 2415 MAY 25
16 JUN 2215 JUN 2313 JUN 2412 JUN 25
14 JUL 2213 JUL 2311 JUL 2410 JUL 25
11 AUG 2210 AUG 2308 AUG 2407 AUG 25
08 SEP 2207 SEP 2305 SEP 2404 SEP 25
06 OCT 2205 OCT 2303 OCT 2402 OCT 25
03 NOV 2202 NOV 2331 OCT 2430 OCT 25
01 DEC 2230 NOV 2328 NOV 2427 NOV 25
29 DEC 2228 DEC 2326 DEC 2425 DEC 25

5.   Pre-flight information service at aerodromes/heliports

5.1   Elements of the aeronautical information products held

A centralised Pre-flight Information Service is provided by the Flight Data and Reporting Unit at HungaroControl premises. (para 3.3)

A comprehensive graphics based briefing solution is provided by HungaroControl which can be accessible via the following URL:

5.2   Maps and charts held

The following aeronautical information are maintained in Netbriefing:

  • Static data (airspaces, navaids, waypoints, airports, etc.)
  • NOTAMs,
  • AUP, UUP,
  • MET information (precipitation map overlay)
5.3   General area of coverage

The general coverage of the data is the ECAC States. Data quality may change state by state.

Hours of Service: H24.

6.   Digital data sets

6.1   Description of the available data sets
6.1.1  Electronic Obstacle Data:
Affected areaArea 1Area 2Area 3Area 4
(See ENR 5.4)
LHDCNilYesYesYes (for RWY 04R)
LHPRNilYesYesYes (for RWY 29)
6.1.2  Electronic Terrain Data:
Affected areaArea 1Area 2Area 3Area 4Remark
  • horizontal resolution: 10x10 M
  • vertical accuracy: mean error in the plain 0.8 M; in the hills 2.5 M; in the mountains 5 M.
  • vertical sharpness: 1 M
  • projection (original): Gauss-Krüger (convertible)

Electronic terrain data is available for the following airports:

  • LHDC
  • LHUD
6.2   Contact details of how data sets may be obtained

Electronic Obstacle Datasets may be obtained from:

HungaroControl, Hungarian Air Navigation Services Private Limited Company

Aeronautical Information Service


H-1185 Budapest, Iglo utca 33-35. Hungary

Tel:(+361) 293-4459


Hours of Service:normal business hours.