1.   Responsible services

The meteorological services for civil aviation are provided by:

1.1   Hungarian Meteorological Service

Unit of Aviation Meteorology


H-1525 Budapest PO Box 38.


Tel:(+361) 346-4600

Tel:(+361) 346-4655

Fax:(+361) 346-4669

The services are provided in accordance with the provisions contained in the following ICAO document: ICAO ANNEX 3 - Meteorological Service for International Air Navigation.

1.2   HungaroControl

Aerodrome Meteorological Unit

Airport Meteorological Office of Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport (LHBP)


H-1675 Budapest PO Box 80.


Tel:(+361) 293-4681

Fax:(+361) 293-4683

The service is provided in accordance with the provisions contained in the following ICAO documents:

  • ICAO Annex 3 - Meteorological Service for International Air Navigation
  • ICAO Doc 7030/5, EUR Part 3 - Regional Supplementary Procedures (MET procedures for EUR Region)

Differences to these provisions are detailed in subsection GEN 1.7

2.   Area of responsibility

The meteorological service is provided for the Budapest FIR.

3.   Meteorological observations and reports

Name of station / Location IndicatorType and frequency of observations/ automatic observing equipmentTypes of MET reports and availability of a TREND forecastObservation System and Site(s)Hours of operationClimatological information
Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport LHBPHalf hourly plus special observationsMETAR, SPECI, TREND, WSSFC wind sensors: see AD Chart RVR EQPT: see AD Chart Ceilometer: see AD Chart Thermometer: see AD Chart Pressure tube: at 13L ILS H24Climatological tables available

4.   Types of services

4.1   Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport

Briefing and flight documentation is provided by HungaroControl Aerodrome Meteorological Unit. On request, a personal briefing can be provided to the pilot-in-command by a meteorological officer.

For every flight the following charts are available:

RegionSWLSWMSWHFL 050FL 100FL 140FL 180FL 240FL 300FL 340FL 390FL 450

SWL = Low Level Significant Weather Chart (Surface - FL 100)

SWM = Medium Level Significant Weather Chart (FL 100 - FL 250)

SWH = High Level Significant Weather Chart (FL 250 - FL 450)

  1. only available for fee via website: SWL available for Central-European Region for fixed time of 06:00, 12:00 and 18:00 UTC.
  2. mixed version of SWM and SWH (FL 100 - FL 450)
  3. by prior request

Additionally, forecasts of upper wind and temperature for routes requested are also available in table form. Aerodrome reports and forecasts, including TREND-type landing forecasts, are provided on a routine basis RWY Visual Range observations are provided.

Codes used in aerodrome meteorological reports and forecasts are in accordance with WMO FM 15-X Ext. METAR, FM 16-X Ext. SPECI and FM 51-X Ext. TAF.

4.2   Information for VFR flights
4.2.1   Written briefing

The service is provided H24.

Information is accessible via the following websites:

FPL sending, PIB with basic MET:

For detailed meteorological briefing:

To use the website pilots have to register for the services, registration will also help to prove that every necessary weather information was acquired before their flight. After the preliminary registration the general aviation bulletins such as METARs, SPECIs, TAFs, GAMETs, AIRMETs and SIGMETs, as well as Weather information with forecast for hazardous weather elements in chart form will be made available, however the full service is not free of charge.

The informations listed below

  1. Free of charge
    1. Bulletins
      • METARs issued every 30/60 minutes
      • TAFs for domestic aerodromes issued every three/six hours
      • GAMETs issued two times a day, 05 and 11 UTC
      • SPECIs issued if necessary
      • AIRMETs issued if necessary
      • SIGMETs issued if necessary
    2. Observation
      • ground-based observation
      • radar
      • lightning
    3. Weather information: general forecast and warning forecast in chart form for Hungary issued in every three hours as follows:
    Time of issue (UTC)Validity period (UTC)
    Summer timeWinter time
  2. Services for fee
    1. Low level significant weather chart (LLSIGWX) issued three times a day as follows:
      Time of issue (UTC)Validity time (UTC)
    2. Forecast charts for Hungary two times a day
      • wind forecasts
      • wind and temperature chart
      • 0 °C heights
      • thermal lift for gliders and para-gliders
      • foreacast for hot-air ballooning
      • forecast for mountain wave gliding
4.2.2   Verbal briefing

Verbal consultation is provided in Hungarian and English language H24.

Tel: (+36) 90-603-421

5.   Notification required from operators

Notification from operators in respect of briefing, consultation, flight documentation and other meteorological information needed by them (ref. ICAO Annex 3, 2.3) is normally required for non-scheduled intercontinental flights. Such notification should be received at least six hours before the expected time of departure.

6.   Aircraft reports

Special observations shall be made and reported by all aircraft whenever the following conditions are encountered or observed:

  1. moderate or severe turbulence; or
  2. moderate or severe icing; or
  3. severe mountain wave; or
  4. thunderstorms, with or without hail, that are obscured, embedded, widespread or in squall lines; or
  5. heavy dust storm or heavy sandstorm; or
  6. volcanic ash cloud; or
  7. pre-eruption volcanic activity or a volcanic eruption.

Other conditions which shall be reported by all aircraft when encountered or observed:

  1. other meteorological conditions which, in the opinion of the pilot-in-command, may affect the safety or markedly affect the efficiency of other ACFT operations, for example, the en route weather phenomena specified for SIGMET messages are encountered.;
  2. wind shear encountered during the climb-out or approach phases of flights, not previously reported to the pilot-in-command, which in his/her opinion are likely to affect the safety of other aircraft operations.

7.   VOLMET service

Name of transmitting stationCall sign / IDENT / Abbreviation (EM)ChannelBroadcasting periodHours of serviceAerodromes / areas includedContents and formats of REP and remarks
H + 35
Budapest FIR

8.   SIGMET and AIRMET service

Name of MWO/Location IndicatorHoursFIR or CTA servedSIGMET validity periodsSpecific proceduresAIRMET proceduresATS unit servedAdditional information
BUDAPEST (OMSZ/RMO) (Hungarian Meteorological Service/Unit of Aviation Meteorology) LHBMH24Budapest FIRfour HRSIGMET VA validity six HRValidity four HR. Issued only BTN 0600-1800 UTCBudapest ACCIf no AIRMET is issued, the significant weather INFO is stated in the GAMET forecast.
8.1   General

For the safety of air traffic, the Hungarian Meteorological Service - Unit of Aviation Meteorology as Meteorological Watch Office (MWO) maintains an area meteorological watch and warning service. The service consists of the continuous weather watch within the Budapest FIR and if necessary, the issuance of appropriate SIGMET and AIRMET information.

8.2   Area meteorological watch service

The area meteorological watch service is performed by the Hungarian Meteorological Service - Unit of Aviation Meteorology. The MWO issues SIGMET and AIRMET information in accordance with ICAO Annex 3. Chapter 7 and Appendix 6.

8.2.1   SIGMET and AIRMET

SIGMET information for the Budapest FIR will be broadcast by Budapest VOLMET.

AIRMET messages relevant to the Budapest TMA will be included in the ATIS broadcast for Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport.

Transmission of SIGMET and AIRMET information will only be made by the ATC units of Budapest ATS centre in the case of equipment failure or when requested by the pilot.

The flight information sectors of the Budapest ATS centre will communicate SIGMETand AIRMET for Budapest FIR without pilot request to aircraft operating on flight plan and maintaining radio communication.

8.2.2   SPECI and TAF AMD

SPECI and TAF AMD for foreign aerodromes are provided by the ATS units on pilot request only.

The flight information sectors of the Budapest ATS centre will communicate SPECI and TAF AMD for individual domestic aerodromes to aircraft without the need for the pilot to request such information.