1.   Responsible Service

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) exercises the direct supervision upon the HungaroControl, Hungarian Air Navigation Services Private Limited Company. HungaroControl is the responsible organization for the provision of air traffic services for civil aviation.



H-1675 Budapest PO Box 80.

Tel:(+361) 293-4000

Fax:(+361) 293-4001



The services are provided in accordance with the provisions contained in the following ICAO documents:

Differences to these provisions are detailed in GEN 1.7

2.   Area of Responsibility

The area of responsibility of the Hungarian air traffic service is the entire territory of Hungary.

The area of responsibility covers additionally the parts of adjacent foreign airspace, within which the provision of the air traffic services has been delegated to HungaroControl on the basis of agreement with the appropriate foreign units.On the other hand, the provision of the ATS was delegated for specific parts of the FIR Budapest like manner to foreign air traffic service units.

The areas of responsibility are indicated by their co-ordinates in ENR 2.2. and depicted on aeronautical charts.

3.   Types of Services

3.1   Air Traffic Services (ATS)

The following types of services are provided:

  • Air Traffic Control service (ATC),
  • Flight Information Service (FIS),
  • Alerting Service (ALRS).
3.1.1   Air Traffic Control service

The air traffic control service is subdivided in:

  • area control service (ACC),
  • approach control service (APP),
  • aerodrome control service (TWR).

ATC is provided to all flights (IFR and VFR) in class C airspace.

3.1.2   Flight Information Service

The Flight Information Service is subdivided in:

  • Flight Information Centre (FIC),
  • Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS)

FIS is provided to all aircraft which are likely to be affected by the information and which are:

  1. provided with ATC service; or
  2. known to the relevant ATS unit and in two-way radio contact with it.   FIC provides information and services:
  • SIGMET, aerodrome met. reports, forecasts and weather conditions that likely make operation under VFR impracticable, as appropriate;
  • changes in the serviceability of navigation aids;
  • other known air traffic to assist pilot to avoid collision;
  • unnamed free balloons;
  • activity of danger and temporary restricted areas;
  • operational hours of aerodromes; and
  • any other circumstances likely affect safety;
  • altimeter setting (QNH);
  • assistance for Search- and Rescue (SAR) operations;
  • activation and closure of Flight Plans.   AFIS provides information:

The purpose of AFIS is to provide information necessary for the safe and efficient conduct of flight operations in the vicinity of the aerodrome and on the manoeuvring area. It shall be noted, that the pilot-in-command is - on the basis of the Rules of the Air, the information received and the use of his or her own judgment - responsible to maintain safe distance to other traffic as well as to report own intentions.

3.2   Alerting Service

ALRS is provided:

  1. to all aircraft provided with ATC service;
  2. in so far as practicable, to all other aircraft having filed a flight plan or otherwise known to the air traffic service units.

4.   Coordination Between the Operators and ATS

Coordination between the operators and air traffic services is effected in accordance with the relevant provisions of Annex 11, and the PANS-RAC (Doc 4444 - ATM/501).

5.   Minimum Flight Altitudes

The minimum flight altitudes have been determined for 1º geographical areas and provided a minimum terrain clearance of 1000 FT over lowlands and 2000 FT over mountainous areas. The area minimum altitudes are depicted on chart ENR 6-LHCC-ERC -1. The minimum flight altitudes for a given flight shall be determined based on the area minimum altitudes depicted on chart ENR 6-LHCC-ERC -1.

6.   ATS Units Address List

Unit namePostal addressTelephone NRTelefax NRTelex NRAFS address
H-1675 Budapest PO Box 80.
(+361) 296-9122(+361) 296-9150NILLHCCZQZX
BUDAPEST FICHungaroControl
H-1675 Budapest PO Box 80.
(+361) 296-9102
(+361) 296-9103
(+361) 293-4102 FIC WEST
(+361) 293-4103 FIC EAST
(+361) 293-4104 FIC NORTH
(+361) 296-9151NILLHCCZIZX
BUDAPEST TWRHungaroControl
H-1675 Budapest PO Box 80.
(+361) 293-4600 (+361) 296 6107NILLHBPZTZX