1.   General conditions under which aerodromes and associated facilities are available for use

Aircraft departing from or landing in the territory of Hungary during an international flight shall make the first landing or the final departure at an international or customs aerodrome (See AD 1.3).

Note: At present time international flights may be carried out to/from Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport and - with prior notification at the following customs aerodromes Békéscsaba, Budaörs, Debrecen, Fertőszentmiklós, Pécs/-Pogány, Pér and Szeged. The use of the listed aerodromes as customs aerodrome shall be requested by the operator of the aerodrome from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

1.1   General conditions applicable to the operation of aircraft on Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport

The conditions under which aircraft may land, be parked, housed or otherwise dealt with at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport are as follows:

  1. The use of the airport is subject to prior permission. The conditions of the approval of flights are published in GEN 1.2.
  2. The fees and charges for the landing and parking can be found in GEN 4.1.
  3. All ground handling requests shall be submitted to Budapest Airport Zrt. Airside Operations Department Operations Center, in confirmation to the request information will be provided to the aircraft operator concerned on all prepared handling services available at the airport.
  4. The ground handling of aircraft at the airport is provided by designated handling agencies, according to the “Agreement on the ground handling” signed or to be agreed between the former and the operator concerned.
  5. The ground handling of general aviation traffic is provided by the General Aviation Centre of Malev GH and General Aviation Centre of Celebi GH.

2.   Traffic of persons and vehicles on airport

The traffic area of Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport is divided into two aprons and terminal buildings.

Both terminals are divided into two zones:

  1. a public zone comprising the part of the terminal building open to the public
  2. a restricted zone comprising the rest of the terminal building/apron
2.1   Movement of persons

Access to and movement in the restricted zones are authorized only under the conditions prescribed by the Aerodrome Operation Order. The Customs, Immigration and Health inspection offices and the premises assigned to transit traffic are accessible only to passengers, to staff of the public authorities and airlines and to authorized persons in pursuit of their duty.

2.2   Movement of vehicles

The movement of vehicles in the restricted zones is strictly limited to vehicles driven or used by persons carrying a permit or an official card of admittance.

Drivers of vehicles, of whatever type, driving within the confines of the aerodrome must respect the direction of the traffic, the traffic signs, surface marks and the applicable speed limits and generally comply with the provisions of the Highway Code and with instructions given by the competent authorities. On the apron the maximum speed of vehicles should not exceed 40 km/h.

2.3   Policing

Care and protection of aircraft, vehicles, equipment and goods for which the aerodrome facilities are used are not the responsibility of the Authority of any concessionaries, who cannot be held responsible for loss or damage which is not incurred through action by them or their agents.

2.4   Operation of aircraft

It is prohibited to refuel aircraft, when there is a risk of thunderstorm, or when the engines are running, or the engines or the passenger cabin are being air-conditioned with ground equipment.

Budapest Ground may give clearance to start up one engine of an aircraft for checking, provided the engine power will not exceed 50% and time duration will be maximum 3 minutes. If higher power setting, or more than 3 minutes are required, aircraft shall be towed to the designated run-up area.

No repairs shall be carried out on the aprons which may result in soiling the apron's surface.

3.   Applicable ICAO documents

ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices contained in Annex 14 Volumes I. and II. are applied without differences.

4.   Civil use of military aerodromes

The use of military aerodromes by other than Hungarian State aircraft may be made - with the exception of the case of emergency - solely with the prior permission of the Hungarian Defence Forces Joint Forces Command ( JFC).


H-8001 Székesfehérvár PO Box 151.

Tel:(+36) 22-542-820

Fax:(+36) 22-542-836

The (foreign) requester shall submit the copy of the obtained permission to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). (See GEN 1.1)

5.   ATC procedures for CAT. II/III operations

For the time being CAT. II/III operations are applicable at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport only. For detailed information See LHBP AD 2.22 FLIGHT PROCEDURES

6.   Friction measuring device used and friction level below which the runway is declared slippery when it is wet

The friction of the runway surface is calibrated periodically by the use of a SFT at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport on a clean, wet surface and the friction coefficients are calculated for each third of the runways. The following criteria are used for specifying the friction characteristics of a new runway surface and for establishing maintenance level:

Design objective for new runway surface: 0,70 Maintenance level: 0,45

7.   Other information